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DateTitle Authors
2008 Does money growth granger-cause inflation in the Euro Area? Evidence from output-of-sample forecasts using Bayesian VARsBerger, Helge / Österholm, Pär
2006 Measuring ExpectationsKjellberg, David
2008 Does money matter for U.S. inflation? Evidence from Bayesian VARsBerger, Helge / Österholm, Pär
2014 Heterogeneous Forecasters and Nonlinear Expectation Formation in the U.S. Stock MarketPierdzioch, Christian / Reitz, Stefan / Ruelke, Jan-Christoph
2005 Bayesian Estimation of an Open Economy DSGE Model with Incomplete Pass-ThroughAdolfson, Malin / Laséen, Stefan / Lindé, Jesper / Villani, Mattias
2003 Indicator Accuracy and Monetary Policy: Is Ignorance Bliss?Nimark, Kristoffer P.
2005 Forecasting Performance of an Open Economy Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium ModelAdolfson, Malin / Lindé, Jesper / Villani, Mattias
2001 On the Variation of Hedging Decisions in Daily Currency Risk ManagementBos, Charles S. / Mahieu, Ronald J. / van Dijk, Herman K.
2001 Daily Exchange Rate Behaviour and Hedging of Currency RiskBos, Charles S. / Mahieu, Ronald J. / van Dijk, Herman K.
2013 Determinants of the onshore and offshore Chinese Government yield curvesLoechel, Horst / Packham, Natalie / Walisch, Fabian

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