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2010 Losses from simulated defaults in Canada's large value transfer systemZhang, Nellie / Hossfeld, Tom
2006 The Yield of Ten-Year T-Bonds: Stumbling Towards a 'Good' ForecastWeißbach, Rafael / Ponyatovskyy, Vladyslav / Zimmermann, Guido
2007 Is core money growth a good and stable inflation predictor in the euro area?Carstensen, Kai
2015 An adaptive approach to forecasting three key macroeconomic variables for transitional ChinaNiu, Linlin / Xu, Xiu / Chen, Ying
2016 Forward guidance and "lower for longer": The case of the ECBBletzinger, Tilman / Wieland, Volker
2010 Why do financial market experts misperceive future monetary policy decisions?Schmidt, Sandra / Nautz, Dieter
2013 An evaluation of the Federal Reserve estimates of the natural rate of unemployment in real timeGumbau-Brisa, Fabià / Olivei, Giovanni P.
2014 New Keynesian versus old Keynesian government spending multipliers: A commentHughes Hallett, Andrew / Rannenberg, Ansgar / Schreiber, Sven
2014 Forecasting German key macroeconomic variables using large dataset methodsPirschel, Inske / Wolters, Maik
2014 A Tourism Conditions IndexChang, Chia-Lin / Hsu, Hui-Kuang / McAleer, Michael

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