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2014 Are there Differences in the Effectiveness of Quantitative Easing in Japan over Time?Michaelis, Henrike / Watzka, Sebastian
2008 Endogenous money: on banking behaviour in new and post Keynesian modelsGeorg, Co-Pierre / Pasche, Markus
1999 Globalisierung und unvollkommene Kapitalmärkte: Verschärft die Knappheit international anerkannter Sicherheiten Länderkrisen?Fehn, Rainer
2008 Strong comovements of exchange rates: Theoretical and empirical cases when currencies become the same assetKühl, Michael
2009 Excess comovements between the Euro/US dollar and British pound/US dollar exchange ratesKühl, Michael
2013 Arresting financial crises: The fed versus the classicalsHumphrey, Thomas M.
2001 Dectecting speculative bubbles in stock prices: A new approach and some evidence for the USBohl, Martin T. / Siklos, Pierre L.
2009 Liquidity and asset prices: how strong are the linkages?Dreger, Christian / Wolters, Jürgen
2006 Hedging, speculation, and investment in balance-sheet triggered currency crisesRöthig, Andreas / Semmler, Willi / Flaschel, Peter
2005 Bank finance versus bond finance: what explains the differences between US and Europe?De Fiore, Fiorella / Uhlig, Harald

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