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2012 Payment size, negative equity, and mortgage defaultFuster, Andreas / Willen, Paul S.
2014 ECB Interventions in Distressed Sovereign Debt Markets: The Case of Greek BondsTrebesch, Christoph / Zettelmeyer, Jeromin
2013 The Interest Rate Pass-Through in the Euro Area During the Global Financial CrisisWollmershäuser, Timo / Hristov, Nikolay / Hülsewig, Oliver
2014 Monetary policy, long real yields and the financial crisisMoretti, Laura
2012 Liquidity, term spreads and monetary policyAksoy, Yunus / Basso, Henrique S.
2009 Desoneração fiscal de não residentes e a estrutura a termo da taxa de juros: Efeito da medida provisória no. 281/2006Rocha, Katia / Moreira, Ajax
2006 Does money matter in the ECB strategy? : New evidence based on ECB communicationBerger, Helge / de Haan, Jakob / Sturm, Jan-Egbert
2009 A política fiscal e as taxas de juros domésticas nos países emergentesMoreira, Ajax / Rocha, Katia
2005 The consumption-based determinants of the term structure of discount ratesGollier, Christian
2009 A simple model of an oil based global savings glut: the China factor and the OPEC cartelBelke, Ansgar / Gros, Daniel

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