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DateTitle Authors
2004 Over- and underbidding in central bank open market operations conducted as fixed rate tenderBindseil, Ulrich
2007 Debt and Interest Rates: The U.S. and the Euro AreaFrankel, Jeffrey / Chinn, Menzie D.
2008 Level, Slope, Curvature: Characterising the Yield Curve in a Cointegrated VAR ModelGiese, Julia V.
2009 Should We Discount the Far-Distant Future at Its Lowest Possible Rate?Gollier, Christian
2011 Monetary policy and TIPS yields before the crisisGerlach, Stefan / Moretti, Laura
2003 Permanent and transitory policy shocks in an empirical macro model with asymmetric informationKozicki, Sharon / Tinsley, P. A.
2003 Equal size, equal role? Interest rate interdependence between the Euro area and the United StatesEhrmann, Michael / Fratzscher, Marcel
2012 Euler equations and money market interest rates: The role of monetary and risk premium shocksGareis, Johannes / Mayer, Eric
2015 Forward guidance at the zero lower bound in a model of price-level targetingIlling, Gerhard / Siemsen, Thomas
2013 Party affiliation rather than former occupation: The background of central bank governors and its effect on monetary policyNeuenkirch, Matthias / Neumeier, Florian

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