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DateTitle Authors
2008 Good policies or good fortune: What drives the compression in emerging market spreads?Maier, Philipp / Vasishtha, Garima
2003 A Re-examination of the Link between Real Exchange Rates and Real Interest Rate DifferentialsHoffmann, Mathias / MacDonald, Ronald
2001 What if the fed had been an inflation nutter?Söderlind, Paul
2004 Credit Rationing Effects of Credit Value-at-RiskSlijkerman, Jan Frederik / Smant, David J.C. / de Vries, Casper G.
2008 Macroeconomic determinants of the term structure of corporate spreadsYang, Jun
2008 Combining Canadian interest-rate forecastsBolder, David Jamieson / Romanyuk, Yuliya
2008 McCallum rules, exchange rates, and the term structure of interest ratesDiez de los Rios, Antonio
2002 Solution of macromodels with Hansen-Sargent robust policies: Summary and some extensionsGiordani, Paolo / Söderlind, Paul
2009 Uncovered interest parity in a partially Dollarized developing country: Does UIP hold in Bolivia (and if not, why not?)Melander, Ola
2012 An international dynamic term structure model with economic restrictions and unspanned risksBauer, Gregory H. / Diez de los Rios, Antonio

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