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DateTitle Authors
2013 Towards deeper financial integration in Europe: What the Banking Union can contributeBuch, Claudia M. / Körner, Tobias / Weigert, Benjamin
2003 Booms and Busts in EMUGottfries, Nils
2007 Shifts in the inflation target and communication of central bank forecastsTesfaselassie, Mewael F.
2011 What drives cash demand? Transactional and residual cash demand in selected countriesSisak, Balázs
2001 Assessing the advantages of EMU-enlargement for the EU and the accession countries : a comparative indicator approachSchweickert, Rainer
2010 Credit money and macroeconomic instability in the agent-based model and simulator EuraceCincotti, Silvano / Raberto, Marco / Teglio, Andrea
2009 The Dynamics of Financial Crises and the Risk to Defend the Exchange RateBauer, Christian / Herz, Bernhard
2009 Payment Choice, Image Motivation and Contributions to CharitySoetevent, Adriaan R.
2007 Inflation persistence and the Phillips curve revisitedKaranassou, Marika / Snower, Dennis J.
2010 The Macroeconomics of the Credit Crisis: In Search of Externalities for Macro-Prudential Supervisionden Butter, Frank A.G.

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