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DateTitle Authors
2012 Trading strategies in the overnight money market: Correlations and clustering on the e-MID trading platformFricke, Daniel
2012 Ein differenzierter Blick auf einen Euro-Austritt GriechenlandsXouridas, Stergios
2013 On the low-frequency relationship between public deficits and inflationKriwoluzky, Alexander / Kliem, Martin / Sarferaz, Samad
2015 Renovatio monetae: Gesell taxes in practiceSvensson, Roger / Westermark, Andreas
2015 Emerging markets and the international financial architecture: A blueprint for reformKregel, Jan
2014 Monetary mechanics: A financial viewTymoigne, Éric
2014 Modern Money Theory and interrelations between the treasury and the central bank: The case of the United StatesTymoigne, Éric
2005 Central bank forecasts and disclosure policy: Why it pays to be optimisticEijffinger, Sylvester C. W. / Tesfaselassie, Mewael F.
2006 Why central banks (and money) rule the roost”Sardoni, Claudio
2004 Inflation and core money growth in the euro areaNeumann, Manfred J. M. / Greiber, Claus

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