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2005 Zins- und Geldmengensteuerung in der offenen Volkswirtschaft: Eine Referenz an William Poole (und zugleich eine Kritik an der "Neuen Keynesianischen Makroökonomik")Sell, Friedrich L.
2006 William Poole in der modernen Makroökonomik: Exegese des ursprünglichen Beitrags und seiner Fortentwicklungen für die offene VolkswirtschaftSell, Friedrich L. / Kermer, Silvio
2011 How are inflation targets set?Horváth, Roman / Matějů, Jakub
2011 Currency union and investment flows: Estimating the euro effect on FDIDinga, Marián / Dingová, Vilma
2008 The strategic euro laggardsGregor, Martin
2010 Economic volatility and institutional reforms in macroeconomic policymaking: The case of fiscal policyGeršl, Adam / Zápal, Jan
2010 O Banco Central do Brasil: Institucionalidade, relações com o estado e com a sociedade civil, autonomia e controle democráticoCarvalho, Carlos Eduardo / Oliveira, Giuliano Contento de / Monteiro, Marcelo Balloti
2004 Why commercial banks held excess reserves: The Japanese experience of the late '90sOgawa, Kazuo
2006 Volatility Regimes in Central and Eastern European Countries? Exchange RatesFrömmel, Michael
2012 Lessons of the European crisis for regional monetary and financial integration in East AsiaVolz, Ulrich

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