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2010 Changes in central bank procedures during the subprime crisis and their repercussions on monetary theoryLavoie, Marc
2010 The "Keynesian moment" in policymaking, the perils ahead, and a flow-of-funds interpretation of fiscal policyTerzi, Andrea
2010 Quantitative easing and proposals for reform of monetary policy operationsFullwiler, Scott / Randall Wray, L.
2006 Enflasyon Hedeflemesi Gelişmekte olan Ülkelerde Çalışır mı?Karaca, Orhan
2007 The impact of inflation targeting: Testing the good luck hypothesisRavenna, Federico
2012 Network analysis of the e-MID overnight money market: The informational value of different aggregation levels for intrinsic dynamic processesFinger, Karl / Fricke, Daniel / Lux, Thomas
2013 Hubs and resilience: Towards more realistic models of the interbank marketsMontagna, Mattia / Lux, Thomas
2013 On assortative and disassortative mixing in scale-free networks: The case of interbank credit networksFricke, Daniel / Finger, Karl / Lux, Thomas
2012 The Bank of Amsterdam through the lens of monetary competitionQuinn, Stephen / Roberds, William
2014 Does the foreign interest rate matter for monetary policy? Evidence from nonlinear Taylor rulesBelke, Ansgar / Beckmann, Joscha / Dreger, Christian

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