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DateTitle Authors
2003 A stable demand for money despite financial crisis: The case of VenezuelaBjørnland, Hilde C.
2010 Money demand and the role of monetary indicators in forecasting euro area inflationDreger, Christian / Wolters, Jürgen
2005 Money Supply and the Implementation of Interest Rate TargetsSchabert, Andreas
2008 M3 money demand and excess liquidity in the euro areaDreger, Christian / Wolters, Jürgen
2008 Money velocity and asset prices in the euro areaDreger, Christian / Wolters, Jürgen
2002 Does broad money matter for interest rate policy?Brückner, Matthias / Schabert, Andreas
1998 Estimating a European demand for moneyHayo, Bernd
2014 Corporate Cash Hoarding Decomposed into Liquidity and Risk MotivesMazelis, Falk
2010 The (in)stability of money demand in the Euro areaNautz, Dieter / Rondorf, Ulrike
2010 Heterogeneity in money holdings across euro area countries: The role of housingSetzer, Ralph / van den Noord, Paul / Wolff, Guntram B.

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