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2012 Why is cash (still) so entrenched? Insights from the Bank of Canada's 2009 methods-of-Payment surveyArango,Carlos / Hogg, Dylan / Lee, Alyssa
2013 On the stability of Euro area money demand and its implications for monetary policyBarigozzi, Matteo / Conti, Antonio
2000 Monetary Policy Analysis in Backward-Looking ModelsLindé, Jesper
2007 The money-age distribution: empirical facts and limited monetary modelsHeer, Burkhard / Maußner, Alfred / McNelis, Paul D.
2008 Exchange Rates and the Money Demand Process during the Persistently High Inflation Period in the Turkish Economy: Causes and DynamicsBilal, Savaş
2008 The quantity theory of money in historical perspectiveGraff, Michael
2010 Communal responsibility and the coexistence of money and credit under anonymous matchingBoerner, Lars / Ritschl, Albrecht
2007 Endogenously segmented asset market in an inventory theoretic model of money demandChiu, Jonathan
2012 The quantity theory of money and Friedmanian monetary policy: An empirical investigationHillinger, Claude / Süssmuth, Bernd / Sunder, Marco
2012 The impact of retail payment innovations on cash usageFung, Ben S. C. / Huynh, Kim P. / Sabetti, Leonard

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