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DateTitle Authors
2008 On the Explosive Nature of Hyper-Inflation DataNielsen, Bent
2008 Money Demand Stability and Inflation Prediction in the Four Largest EMU CountriesCarstensen, Kai / Hagen, Jan / Hossfeld, Oliver / Salazar Neaves, Abelardo
2008 Wie viele ausländische Euro-Münzen fließen nach Deutschland?Seitz, Franz / Stoyan, Dietrich
2000 Currency substitution and the stability of the Italian demand for money before the entry into the monetary union, 1972 - 1998Nielsen, Hannah / Tullio, Giuseppe / Wolters, Jürgen
2008 On the Explosive Nature of Hyper-Inflation DataNielsen, Bent
2013 Precautionary motives in short-term cash management: Evidence from German POS transactionsEschelbach, Martina / Schmidt, Tobias
2006 Investigating M3 Money Demand in the Euro Area: New Evidence Based on Standard ModelsDreger, Christian / Wolters, Jürgen
2006 Why central banks (and money) rule the roost”Sardoni, Claudio
2006 Money demand in general equilibrium endogenous growth: Estimating the role of a variable interest elasticityGillman, Max / Otto, Glen
2010 The (in)stability of money demand in the Euro Area: Lessons from a cross-country analysisNautz, Dieter / Rondorf, Ulrike

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