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DateTitle Authors
2013 Animal Spirits and Credit CyclesDe Grauwe, Paul / Macchiarelli, Corrado
2015 Has the Eurozone Become Less Fragile? Some Empirical TestsDe Grauwe, Paul / Ji, Yuemei
2011 The redistributive effects of monetary policyLedoit, Olivier
2008 Macroeconomics without the LM: A Post-Keynesian PerspectivePalley, Thomas I.
2008 An estimated DSGE model of the Hungarian economyJakab, Zoltán M. / Világi, Balázs
2003 Using Taylor Rules to Understand ECB Monetary PolicySauer, Stephan / Sturm, Jan-Egbert
2009 Provision of liquidity through the primary credit facility during the financial crisis: a structural analysisArtuç, Erhan / Demiralp, Selva
2010 Outside versus inside bonds: A Modigliani-Miller type result for liquidity constrained economiesBerentsen, Aleksander / Waller, Christopher Jude
2008 Uncertainty, inflation, and welfareChiu, Jonathan / Molico, Miguel
2008 Price-level versus inflation targeting with financial market imperfectionsCovas, Francisco / Zhang, Yahong

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