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DateTitle Authors
2004 Interest rates and output in the long-runAksoy, Yunus / León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2012 Confronting model misspecification in macroeconomicsWaggoner, Daniel F. / Zha, Tao
2014 What caused the Great Recession?Homburg, Stefan
2008 Bond positions, expectations, and the yield curvePiazzesi, Monika / Schneider, Martin
2011 Impact of the monetary policy instruments on Islamic stock market index returnAlbaity, Mohamed Shikh
2007 SeigniorageBuiter, Willem H.
2009 The federal home loan bank system: The lender of next-to-last resort?Ashcraft, Adam / Bech, Morten L. / Frame, W. Scott
2002 Nonparametric specification testing for continuous-time models with application to spot interest ratesHong, Yongmiao / Li, Haitao
1997 The term structure of interest rates when the growth rate is unobservableRiedel, Frank
1998 Volatility estimates of the short term interest rate with an application to German dataDankenbring, Henning

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