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DateTitle Authors
2013 Competitive Moment Matching of a New-Keynesian and an Old-Keynesian ModelFranke, Reiner
2014 MIDAS and bridge equationsSchumacher, Christian
2012 Extracting information from the business outlook survey using statistical approachesPichette, Lise
2013 Markov Switching with Endogenous Number of Regimes and Leading Indicators in a Real-Time Business Cycle ForecastTheobald, Thomas
2002 Stability criteria and convergence : the role of the system of national accounts for fiscal policy in EuropeBrück, Tilman / Cors, Andreas / Zimmermann, Klaus F. / Zwiener, Rudolf
2004 Growth and Inflation Forecasts for Germany : An Assessment of Accuracy and DispersionFritsche, Ulrich / Döpke, Jörg
2004 Fiscal Policy Rules for Stabilisation and Growth : A Simulation Analysis of Deficit and Expenditure Targets in a Monetary UnionBrück, Tilman / Zwiener, Rudolf
2006 Improving business cycle forecasts' accuracy : what can we learn from past errors?Döhrn, Roland
2005 Forecast errors and the macroeconomy: a non-linear relationship?Fritsche, Ulrich / Döpke, Jörg
2013 Risks to price stability, the zero lower bound and forward guidance: A real-time assessmentCoenen, Günter / Warne, Anders

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