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2002 Stability criteria and convergence : the role of the system of national accounts for fiscal policy in EuropeBrück, Tilman / Cors, Andreas / Zimmermann, Klaus F. / Zwiener, Rudolf
2004 Growth and Inflation Forecasts for Germany : An Assessment of Accuracy and DispersionFritsche, Ulrich / Döpke, Jörg
2004 Fiscal Policy Rules for Stabilisation and Growth : A Simulation Analysis of Deficit and Expenditure Targets in a Monetary UnionBrück, Tilman / Zwiener, Rudolf
2006 Improving business cycle forecasts' accuracy : what can we learn from past errors?Döhrn, Roland
2005 Forecast errors and the macroeconomy: a non-linear relationship?Fritsche, Ulrich / Döpke, Jörg
2013 Risks to price stability, the zero lower bound and forward guidance: A real-time assessmentCoenen, Günter / Warne, Anders
2013 Interwar Deflation and DepressionDorval, Bill / Smith, Gregor W.
2008 Pronóstico de inflación en Argentina: ¿Modelos individuales o pooling de pronósticos?D'Amato, Laura / Garegnani, Lorena / Blanco, Emilio
2010 Asset price misalignments and the role of money and creditGerdesmeier, Dieter / Reimers, Hans-Eggert / Roffia, Barbara
2013 Testing for the existence of a bubble in the stock marketGerdesmeier, Dieter / Reimers, Hans-Eggert / Roffia, Barbara

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