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2005 A new method for combining detrending techniques with application to business cycle sychchronization of the new EU membersDarvas, Zsolt / Vadas, Gábor
2005 Mind the gap - International comparison of cyclical adjustment of the budgetKiss, Gábor P. / Vadas, Gábor
2004 The Good, the bad, and the ugly: an inquiry into the causes and nature of credit cyclesMatsuyama, Kiminori
2009 Explaining output volatility : the case of taxationPosch, Olaf
2002 Propagation of nominal shocks in open economiesAndersen, Torben M. / Beier, Niels C.
2010 Banking and debt crisis in Europe: The dangerous liaisons?Candelon, Bertrand / Palm, Franz
2013 Granularity in banking and growth: Does financial openness matter?Bremus, Franziska / Buch, Claudia M.
2012 Bauwirtschaft: Neubau profitiert von der Krise im EuroraumGornig, Martin / Hagedorn, Hedrik
2010 Markov-switching and the Ifo business climate: The Ifo business cycle traffic lightsAbberger, Klaus / Nierhaus, Wolfgang
2001 Determinants of business cycles in small scale macroeconomic models: The German caseMaussner, Alfred / Spatz, Julius

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