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2005 The New Keynesian Phillips Curve in Europe: does it fit or does it fail?Tillmann, Peter
2005 Berechnung trendbereinigter Indikatoren für Deutschland mit Hilfe von FilterverfahrenStamfort, Stefan
2013 GDP mimicking portfolios and the cross-section of stock returnsKroencke, Tim A. / Schindler, Felix / Sebastian, Steffen / Theissen, Erik
2011 The effects of endogenous firm exit on business cycle dynamics and optimal fiscal policyVilmi, Lauri
2012 Structural and cyclical forces in the labor market during the great recession: Cross-country evidenceSala, Luca / Söderström, Ulf / Trigari, Antonella
2005 The role of contracting schemes for the welfare costs of nominal rigidities over the business cyclePaustian, Matthias
2005 Short-run and long-run comovement of GDP and some expenditure aggregates in Germany, France and ItalyKnetsch, Thomas A.
2002 Price rigidity, the mark-up and the dynamics of the current accountLombardo, Giovanni
2012 The microstructure of the Great Export Collapse in German manufacturing industries, 2008/2009Wagner, Joachim
1998 Stylized Facts and International Business Cycles - The German CaseGail, Michael

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