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DateTitle Authors
1998 Unemployment dynamics: An unobserved components approachRünstler, Gerhard
2008 Forming priors for DSGE models (and how it affects the assessment of nominal rigidities)Del Negro, Marco / Schorfheide, Frank
1996 Potential output, the natural rate of unemployment, and the Phillips Curve in a multivariate structural time series frameworkHahn, Franz / Rünstler, Gerhard
2008 Price Setting Behavior in Turkish Industries: Evidence From Survey DataSahinoz, Saygin / Saracoglu, Bedriye
2011 Are Chinese Individuals prone to Money Illusion?Mees, Heleen / Franses, Philip Hans
2010 Correlated disturbances and US business cyclesCúrdia, Vasco / Reis, Ricardo
2010 The cross-sectional distribution of price stickiness implied by aggregate dataCarvalho, Carlos / Dam, Niels Arne
2012 Long memory in German energy price indicesBarros, Carlos P. / Caporale, Guglielmo Maria / Gil-Alana, Luis A.
1999 Nominal rigidities and the optimal rate of inflationAndersen, Torben M.
2004 A sunspot paradoxHintermaier, Thomas

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