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DateTitle Authors
2008 Ilmastopolitiikan talousvaikutusten ennakointiRantala, Olavi
2001 Interest rate policy and the price puzzle in a quantitative business cycle modelSchabert, Andreas
2007 Downward nominal wage rigidity in the OECDHolden, Steinar / Wulfsberg, Fredrik
2008 Cyclical fiscal policy, output volatility, and economic growthBadinger, Harald
2011 The efficiency wages Phillips curve: Closed economy versus open economyVaona, Andrea
2011 Four variations on fair wages and the Phillips curveVaona, Andrea
2011 Credit risk transfers and the macroeconomyFaia, Ester
2009 Are commodity prices useful leading indicators of inflation?Cheung, Calista
2011 Evaluating microfoundations for aggregate price rigidities: Evidence from matched firm-level data on product prices and unit labor costCarlsson, Mikael / Skans, Oskar Nordström
2011 International evidence on the efficacy of new-Keynesian models of inflation persistenceKorenok, Oleg / Radchenko, Stanislav / Swanson, Norman R.

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