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2002 Human Capital and Cross-Country Comparison of InequalityViaene, Jean-Marie / Zilcha, Itzhak
2006 Has EMU had any impact on the degree of wage restraint?Posen, Adam S. / Popov Gould, Daniel
2011 Sticky wages in search and matching models in the short and long runReicher, Christopher Phillip
2012 The effect of trade and migration on incomeOrtega, Francesc / Peri, Giovanni
2010 Demographic change and the labour share of incomeSchmidt, Torsten / Vosen, Simeon
2012 The role of income and immigration policies in attracting international migrantsOrtega, Francesc / Peri, Giovanni
2009 Labour shares and the role of capital and labour market imperfectionsSuchanek, Lena
2010 A note on balanced growth with a less than unitary elasticity of substitutionLeón-Ledesma, Miguel A. / Satchi, Mathan
2011 The choice of CES production techniques and balanced growthLeón-Ledesma, Miguel A. / Satchi, Mathan
2011 Matching labor's share in a search and matching modelReicher, Christopher Phillip

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