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1998 Tax Policy and the Dynamic Demand for Domestic and Foreign Capital by Multinational CorporationsAltshuler, Rosanne / Cummins, Jason
2012 More alike than different: the Spanish and Irish labour markets before and after the crisisAgnese, Pablo / Salvador, Pablo F.
2009 Real Convergence and IntegrationIancu, Aurel
2014 Product Diversity, Demand Structures and Optimal TaxationWinkler, Roland / Lewis, Vivien
2009 Real Economic ConvergenceIancu, Aurel
2014 On the Optimal Boundary of a Three-Dimensional Singular Stochastic Control Problem Arising in Irreversible InvestmentDe Angelis, Tiziano / Federico, Salvatore / Ferrari, Giorgio
2014 A Non Convex Singular Stochastic Control Problem and its Related Optimal Stopping BoundariesDe Angelis, Tiziano / Ferrari, Giorgio / Moriarty, John
2013 Working capital management and financing decision: Synergetic effect on corporate profitabilityAjibolade, Solabomi O. / Sankay, Oboh Collins
2009 Firm-specific productivity risk over the business cycle: facts and aggregate implicationsBachmann, Ruediger / Bayer, Christian
2009 The cross-section of firms over the business cycle: new facts and a DSGE explorationBachmann, Ruediger / Bayer, Christian

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