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2012 Re-examining the role of sticky wages in the U.S. Great Contraction: A multi-sector approachAmaral, Pedro S. / MacGee, James C.
2013 Endogenous Firm Entry in an Estimated Model of the U.S. Business CycleOffick, Sven / Winkler, Roland
2012 Conspicuous consumption, inequality and debt: The nature of consumption-driven profit-led regimesKapeller, Jakob / Schütz, Bernhard
2011 The macroeconomics of TANSTAAFLGrossmann, Volker / Steger, Thomas M. / Trimborn, Timo
2011 Family reunification or point-based immigration system? The case of the United States and MexicoLópez Real, Joel
2010 Solving the paradox of monetary profitsKeen, Steve
2009 Business cycle implications of internal consumption habit for New Keynesian modelsKano, Takashi / Nason, James Michael
2012 Asymmetric Information in Credit Markets, Bank Leverage Cycles and Macroeconomic DynamicsRannenberg, Ansgar
2014 Some surprising facts about working time accounts and the business cycleBalleer, Almut / Gehrke, Britta / Merkl, Christian
2013 Produto potencial como ferramenta de análise da política monetária e da capacidade de crescimento da economia brasileiraSouza Júnior, José Ronaldo de Castro / Caetano, Sidney Martins

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