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DateTitle Authors
2013 Sustainability of convergence in the context of macro-prudential policies in the European UnionTriandafil, Cristina Maria
1999 Age Distributions and the Current Account -A Changing Relation?Lindh, Thomas / Malmberg, Bo
2002 Education, Growth and Income InequalityTeulings, Coen N. / van Rens, Thijs
2005 Bank finance versus bond finance: what explains the differences between US and Europe?De Fiore, Fiorella / Uhlig, Harald
2012 Envy, guilt, and the Phillips curveAhrens, Steffen / Snower, Dennis J.
2011 The efficiency wages Phillips curve: Closed economy versus open economyVaona, Andrea
2009 Efficiency versus Robustness of Markets - Why improving market efficiency should not be the only objective of market regulationWeber, Christoph
2011 Four variations on fair wages and the Phillips curveVaona, Andrea
2008 Capital accumulation, labour market institutions, and unemployment in the medium runStockhammer, Engelbert / Klär, Erik
2001 Human Capital Accumulation, Education and Earnings InequalitySunde, Uwe

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