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DateTitle Authors
2010 Solving the paradox of monetary profitsKeen, Steve
2005 Time-varying uncertainty and the credit channelSalyer, Kevin D. / Dorofeenko, Victor / Lee, Gabriel
1999 Age Distributions and the Current Account -A Changing Relation?Lindh, Thomas / Malmberg, Bo
2002 Education, Growth and Income InequalityTeulings, Coen N. / van Rens, Thijs
2005 Bank finance versus bond finance: what explains the differences between US and Europe?De Fiore, Fiorella / Uhlig, Harald
2009 Efficiency versus Robustness of Markets - Why improving market efficiency should not be the only objective of market regulationWeber, Christoph
2011 The efficiency wages Phillips curve: Closed economy versus open economyVaona, Andrea
2011 Four variations on fair wages and the Phillips curveVaona, Andrea
2008 Capital accumulation, labour market institutions, and unemployment in the medium runStockhammer, Engelbert / Klär, Erik
2001 Profits, Markups and Entry: Fiscal Policy in an Open EconomyCoto-Martínez, Javier / Dixon, Huw D.

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