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DateTitle Authors
2009 The paradox of thrift and crowding-in of private investment in a simple IS-LM modelBasu, Deepankar
1999 Nominal rigidities and the optimal rate of inflationAndersen, Torben M.
2004 Structural Change in Russian TransitionGregory, Paul R. / Lazarev, Valery
2008 Asymptotic distributions of robust shape matrices and scalesFrahm, Gabriel
2008 Interpreting the great moderation: Changes in the volatility of economic activity at the macro and micro levelsDavis, Steven J. / Kahn, James A.
1992 The Limits of Policy Making: An Analysis of the Consequences of Boundedly Rational Government Using the Swedish Micro-to-Macro Model (MOSES)Eliasson, Gunnar / Taymaz, Erol
1993 Företagens, institutionernas och marknadernas roll i Sveriges ekonomiska krisEliasson, Gunnar
1985 The Swedish Payments System and the Underground EconomyFeige, Edgar L.
2014 Endogenous firm entry in an estimated model of the US business cycleOffick, Sven / Winkler, Roland C.
2011 Dynamics of Output and Employment in the U.S. EconomyBasu, Deepankar / Foley, Duncan K.

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