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1991 Learning Through Short-Run Macroeconomic Forecasts in a Micro-to- Macro ModelAntonov, Mikhail / Trofimov, Georgi
2014 Are You a Lehman, Brother? Interbank Uncertainty in a DSGE ModelGrimme, Christian / Siemsen, Thomas
2007 Prognosen der regionalen KonjunkturentwicklungDreger, Christian / Kholodilin, Konstantin A.
2007 A flexible approach to parametric inference in nonlinear time series modelsKoop, Gary / Potter, Simon
2004 Prior elicitation in multiple change-point modelsKoop, Gary M. / Potter, Simon M.
2004 Forecasting and estimating multiple change-point models with an unknown number of change pointsKoop, Gary M. / Potter, Simon M.
2006 Deflationary shocks and monetary rules: An open-economy scenario analysisLaxton, Douglas / N'Diaye, Papa / Pesenti, Paolo
2009 Think again: Higher elasticity of substitution increases economic resilienceDumas, P. / Hallegatte, S.
2009 Economic impacts of the RES Obligations in Austria - an Application of the Macro-Econometric Model e3.atLehr, Ulrike / Wolter, Marc Ingo / Großmann, Anett
2005 What if the UK had joined the euro in 1999? : An empirical evaluation using a Global VARPesaran, Mohammad Hashem / Smith, L. Vanessa / Smith, Ron P.

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