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30-Jan-2014 Еconomic theory and the New-Keynesian schoolJosheski, Dushko / Magdinceva-Sopova, Marija
2010 Různá pojetí endogenity peněz v postkeynesovské ekonomii: Reinterpretace do obecnější teorieLopušník, Ondřej
2015 The return of black box economics: A critique of Keen on effective demand and changes in debtReissl, Severin
2011 Regime de crescimento, restrição externa e financeirização: Uma proposta de conciliaçãoAmitrano, Claudio Roberto
2002 Structural unemployment and the output gap in Germany : evidence from an SVAR analysis within a hysteresis frameworkFritsche, Ulrich / Logeay, Camille
2015 On the long-run equilibrium value of Tobin's average QFranke, Rainer / Yanovski, Boyan
2014 Structural asymmetries at the roots of the eurozone crisis: What's new for industrial policy in the EU?Botta, Alberto
2014 Growth with unused capacity and endogenous depreciationPatriarca, Fabrizio / Sardoni, Claudio
2007 The continuing legacy of John Maynard KeynesWray, L. Randall
2008 Some instability puzzles in Kaleckian models of growth and distribution: A critical surveyHein, Eckhard / Lavoie, Marc / van Treeck, Till

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