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2010 Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply, and Endogenous Growth: A Synthetic neo-Kaleckian ModelPalley, Thomas I.
2012 A neo-Kaleckian - Goodwin model of capitalist economic growth: Monopoly power,managerial pay, labor market conflict, and endogenous technical progressPalley, Thomas I.
2012 Instability, stationary utilization and effective demand: A synthesis of Harrodian and Kaleckian growth theorySchoder, Christian
2013 Credit Driven Investment, Heterogeneous Labor Markets and Macroeconomic DynamicsCharpe, Matthieu / Flaschel, Peter / Krolzig, Hans-Martin / Proaño, Christian / Semmler, Willi / Tavani, Daniele
2014 Rethinking wage vs. profit-led growth theory with implications for policy analysisPalley, Thomas I.
2014 The middle class in macroeconomics and growth theory: A three class neo-Kaleckian - Goodwin modelPalley, Thomas I.
2008 The return of fiscal policy: Can the new developments in the new economic consensus be reconciled with the Post-Keynesian view?Tcherneva, Pavlina R.
2006 Prolegomena to realistic monetary macroeconomics: a theory of intelligible sequencesGodley, Wynn / Lavoie, Marc
2007 A simplified benchmark” Stock-Flow Consistent (SFC) post-Keynesian growth modeldos Santos, Cláudio H. / Zezza, Gennaro
2008 Minsky and economic policy :Keynesianism” all over again?Tymoigne, Éric

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