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2004 Can the composition of capital constrain potential output? A gap approachAlbala-Bertrand, Jose Miguel
2008 Holiday price regidity and cost of price adjustmentLevy, Daniel / Müller, Georg / Chen, Haipeng Allan / Bergen, Mark / Dutta, Shantanu
2009 Lucas, Keynes, and the crisisLaidler, David
2011 Effective demand in the recent evolution of the US economyLópez-Gallardo, Julio / Reyes-Ortiz, Luis
2011 Income distribution in a monetary economy: A Ricardo-Keynes synthesisEkinci, Nazim Kadri
2010 The global crisis and the future of the dollar: Toward Bretton Woods III?Bibow, Jörg
2007 A no-arbitrage analysis of macroeconomic determinants of term structures and the exchange rateChabi-Yo, Fousseni / Yang, Jun
2010 Financial stability, regulatory buffers, and economic growth: Some postrecession regulatory implicationsTymoigne, Éric
2009 Testing the monetary policy rule in the US: A reconsideration of the Fed's behaviourMinford, Patrick / Ou, Zhirong
2012 How important is the credit channel? An empirical study of the US banking crisisLiu, Chunping / Minford, Patrick

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