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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009Stabilizing an unstable economy: on the choice of proper policy measuresAsada, Toichiro; Chiarella, Carl; Flaschel, Peter; Mouakil, Tarik; Proaño, Christian R.
2015UK term structure decompositions at the zero lower boundCarriero, Andrea; Mouabbi, Sarah; Vangelista, Elisabetta
2012Instability, stationary utilization and effective demand: A synthesis of Harrodian and Kaleckian growth theorySchoder, Christian
2006On the (in-)stability and the endogeneity of the "normal" rate of capacity utilisation in a post-Keynesian/Kaleckian "monetary" distribution and growth modelHein, Eckhard
2013Credit Driven Investment, Heterogeneous Labor Markets and Macroeconomic DynamicsCharpe, Matthieu; Flaschel, Peter; Krolzig, Hans-Martin; Proaño, Christian; Semmler, Willi; Tavani, Daniele
2007A simplified benchmark” Stock-Flow Consistent (SFC) post-Keynesian growth modeldos Santos, Cláudio H.; Zezza, Gennaro
2008The return of fiscal policy: Can the new developments in the new economic consensus be reconciled with the Post-Keynesian view?Tcherneva, Pavlina R.
2004Gibson's paradox, monetary policy, and the emergence of cyclesHannsgen, Greg
2012Towards Keynesian DSGD (isequilibrium) Modelling: Real-Financial Market Interactions with Heterogeneous Expectations DynamicsCharpe, Matthieu; Flaschel, Peter; Hartmann, Florian; Veneziani, Roberto
2008Distribution, aggregate demand and productivity growth - theory and empirical results for six OECD countries based on a Post-Kaleckian modelHein, Eckhard; Tarassow, Artur