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2009 The slow convergence of per capita income between the developing countries: "growth resistance" and sometimes "growth tragedy"Dufrénot, Gilles / Mignon, Valérie / Naccache, Théo
2010 Sovereign Risk and Macroeconomic Fluctuations in an Emerging Market EconomyKirchner, Markus / Rieth, Malte
2007 On econometric analysis of structural systems with permanent and transitory shocks and exogenous variablesPagan, Adrian / Pesaran, Mohammad Hashem
2014 Gibrat's law redux: Think profitability instead of growthMundt, Philipp / Milakovic, Mishael / Alfarano, Simone
2005 Macroeconomic priorities and crash statesSalyer, Kevin D.
2014 Böhm-Bawerk meets Keynes: What does determine the interest rate, and can the latter become negative?van Suntum, Ulrich
2010 The tragedy of annuitizationHeijdra, Ben J. / Mierau, Jochen O. / Reijnders, Laurie S. M.
2008 Animal spirits and monetary policyDe Grauwe, Paul
2010 A queuing-based model for optimal dimension of service firmsParra-Frutos, Isabel
2013 Aggregation and Labor Supply ElasticitiesKneip, Alois / Merz, Monika / Storjohann, Lidia

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