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DateTitle Authors
2000 Problems of Transition from a Planned to a Market EconomyKrelle, Wilhelm
2013 Two monetary models with alternating marketsCamera, Gabriele / Chien, YiLi
2013 Macroeconomic stabilisation and bank lending: A simple workhorse modelSpahn, Peter
2003 Prognoseleistung von Frühindikatoren : Die Bedeutung von Frühindikatoren für Konjunkturprognosen - Eine Analyse für DeutschlandHinze, Jörg
2006 Turning points in development thinking and practiceEmmerij, Louis
2010 On the existence and prevention of asset price bubblesEnders, Zeno / Hakenes, Hendrik
2011 Distributional biases in the analysis of climate changeSkott, Peter / Davis, Leila
2011 Positional goods, climate change and the social returns to investmentDavis, Leila / Skott, Peter
2012 Further Austerity and Wage Cuts Will Worsen the Euro CrisisAndini, Corrado / Cabral, Ricardo
2002 The BMW model: simple macroeconomics for closed and open economies a requiem for the IS/LM-AS/AD and the Mundell-Fleming modelBofinger, Peter / Mayer, Eric / Wollmershäuser, Timo

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