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2006 Fallacy of the multiplier effect: Correcting the income analysisOno, Yoshiyasu
2012 Do real-time Okun's law errors predict GDP data revisions?Barnes, Michelle L. / Gumbau-Brisa, Fabià / Olivei, Giovanni P.
2014 China's national production function since 1997: A reinvestigationZhu, Yanyuan / Feng, Xiao
2012 Identification of Liechtenstein's historic economic growth and business cycles by econometric extensions of data seriesBrunhart, Andreas
2014 Global interpersonal inequality: Trends and measurementNiño-Zarazúa, Miguel / Roope, Laurence / Tarp, Finn
2014 Post reunification economic fluctuations in Germany: A real business cycle interpretationFlor, Michael A.
2011 Beyond GDP and Back: What is the Value-added by Additional Components of Welfare Measurement?Kassenböhmer, Sonja C. / Schmidt, Christoph M.
2010 Information or Institution? – On the Determinants of Forecast AccuracyDöhrn, Roland / Schmidt, Christoph M.
2008 The value of risk: Measuring the service output of U.S. commercial banksBasu, Susanto / Inklaar, Robert / Wang, J. Christina
2011 Real output of bank services: What counts is what banks do, not what they ownInklaar, Robert / Wang, J. Christina

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