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2010 On equitable social welfare functions satisfying the weak Pareto axion: A complete characterizationDubey, Ram Sewak / Mitra, Tapan
2009 Equivalence of utilitarian maximal and weakly maximal programsBanerjee, Kuntal / Mitra, Tapan
2010 On optimal forest management: A bifurcation analysisDasgupta, Swagan / Mitra, Tapan
2006 "Ito's Lemma" and the Bellman equation for poisson processes : an applied viewSennewald, Ken / Wälde, Klaus
2011 Structural change and the Kaldor facts in a growth model with relative price and non-Gorman preferencesBoppart, Timo
2000 Saddles, Indeterminacy and Bifurcations in an Overlapping Generations Economy with a Renewable ResourceKoskela, Erkki / Ollikainen, Markku / Puhakka, Mikko
2000 Optimal Education with Mobile Capital. An OLG ApproachViaene, Jean-Marie / Zilcha, Itzhak
2004 A pair-wise approach to testing for output and growth convergencePesaran, Mohammad Hashem
2001 Testing for convergence clubs in income per-capita : a predictive density approachCanova, Fabio
2007 Scenario-based satisficing in saving: a theoretical and experimental analysisGüth, Werner / Levati, Maria Vittoria / Ploner, Matteo

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