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DateTitle Authors
2007 Intergenerational risk-sharing and risk-taking of a pension fundGollier, Christian
31-Jan-2013 Market value of the firms and R&D investment: Theoretical overview and empirical estimation for the panel of countriesJosheski, Dushko / Magdinceva Sopova, Marija
2005 Korruption und SchattenwirtschaftThum, Marcel
2013 Thankworthy parental altruism and children's habit-formationZhang, Lin / Ikeda, Shinsuke
2000 Genetics, Family Structure, and Economic GrowthZak, Paul J.
2008 The retirement consumption puzzle: Evidence from a regression discontinuity approachBattistin, Erich / Brugiavini, Agar / Rettore, Enrico / Weber, Guglielmo
2006 Choosing monetary sequences: theory and experimental evidenceManzini, Paola / Mariotti, Marco / Mittone, Luigi
2001 Return Migration, Wage Differentials, and the Optimal Migration DurationDustmann, Christian
2006 Two-stage boundedly rational choice procedures: Theory and experimental evidenceManzini, Paola / Mariotti, Marco
2007 Choice over timeManzini, Paola / Mariotti, Marco

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