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2013 Bottom-Up Strategic Linking of Carbon Markets: Which Climate Coalitions Would Farsighted Players Form?Heitzig, Jobst
2009 Small world networks with segregation patterns and brokersGallo, Edoardo
2014 Rent Seeking and Power Hierarchies: A Noncooperative Model of Network Formation with Antagonistic LinksHuremovic, Kenan
2014 Individual Search and Social NetworksGoyal, Sanjeev / Rosenkranz, Stephanie / Weitzel, Utz / Buskens, Vincent
2008 Does network matter in international expansion? Evidence from Italian SMEsGurrieri, Antonia Rosa / Petruzzellis, Luca
2008 Evoluční dynamika vězňova dilematu: Vliv topologie interakcí a imitace na vývoj kooperativního chováníHausenblas, Václav / Švarc, Petr
2014 Peer effects and students' self-controlBuechel, Berno / Mechtenberg, Lydia / Petersen, Julia
2014 Learning faster or more precisely? Strategic experimentation in networksWuggenig, Mirjam
2015 Multiplex interbank networks and systemic importance: An application to European dataAldasoro, Iñaki / Alves, Iván
2015 Peer effects in collaborative content generation: The evidence from German WikipediaSlivko, Olga

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