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2011 The future of retirement and the pension system: How the public's expectations vary over time and across socio-economic groupsBissonnette, Luc / van Soest, Arthur
2011 Exclusion in the all-pay auction: An experimental investigationFehr, Dietmar / Schmid, Julia
2011 Learning about a class of belief-dependent preferences without information on beliefsBellemare, Charles / Sebald, Alexander
2010 Determinanten des Suchverhaltens von Arbeitslosen: Ausgewählte Erkenntnisse basierend auf dem IZA EvaluationsdatensatzCaliendo, Marco / Uhlendorff, Arne
2011 The power of sunspots: An experimental analysisFehr, Dietmar / Heinemann, Frank / Llorente-Saguer, Aniol
2014 Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Role of Actuarial Reduction Rates in Individual Retirement Planning in GermanyKluth, Sebastian
2012 Expectations as reference points: Field evidence from experienced subjects in a competitive, high-stakes environmentBartling, Björn / Brandes, Leif / Schunk, Daniel
2012 Do they know what's at risk? Health risk perception among the ObeseWinter, Joachim / Wuppermann, Amelie C.
2008 Stabilizing expectations under monetary and fiscal policy coordinationEusepi, Stefano / Preston, Bruce
2012 Announcing an increase in the state pension age and the recession: Which mattered more for expected retirement ages?Barrett, Alan / Mosca, Irene

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