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2009 Deterrence through word of mouthRincke, Johannes / Traxler, Christian
2008 Evaluating communication strategies for public agencies: Transparency, opacity, and secrecyLindner, Axel
2010 Multiple information search and employee participation in occupational pension plansJohansen, Kathrin
2007 The Relationship Between Risk Attitudes and Heuristics in Search Tasks: A Laboratory ExperimentSchunk, Daniel / Winter, Joachim
2012 Getting the right spin: A theory of optimal viral marketingBouchard St-Amant, Pier-André
1998 Learning and Implementation on the InternetFriedman, Eric / Shenker, Scott
2009 Matching heterogeneous agents with a linear search technologyNöldeke, Georg / Tröger, Thomas
2005 Price and wealth dynamics in a speculative market with arbitrary number of generic technical tradersAnufriev, Mikhail / Bottazzi, Giulio
1997 Convergence of Adaptive Learning and the Concept of Expectational Stability in Linear Rational Expectations Models with Multiple EquilibriaHeinemann, Maik
2005 Price and wealth asymptotic dynamics with CRRA technical trading strategiesAnufriev, Mikhail / Bottazzi, Giulio / Pancotto, Francesca

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