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DateTitle Authors
2010 Understanding the two components of risk attitudes: An experimental analysisQiu, Jianying / Steiger, Eva-Maria
2010 Testing independence conditions in the presence of errors and splitting effectsBirnbaum, Michael H. / Schmidt, Ulrich / Schneider, Miriam D.
2009 Eliciting Discount Functions when Baseline Consumption changes over TimeGerber, Anke / Rohde, Kirsten I.M.
2010 Electoral competition with uncertainty averse partiesBade, Sophie
2004 Risk aversion in the small and in the large when outcomes are multidimensionalHellwig, Martin F.
2009 'Let me dream on!' Anticipatory Emotions and Preference for Timing in LotteriesKocher, Martin / Krawczyk, Michal / van Winden, Frans
2013 On the source of risk aversion in Indonesia using micro data 2007Sanjaya, Muhammad Ryan
2009 Firing versus continuing employment if an economic setback is expectedGöcke, Matthias
2008 An experimental investigation of violations of transitivity in choice under uncertaintyBirnbaum, Michael H. / Schmidt, Ulrich
2009 Efficiency wages and negotiated profit-sharing under uncertaintyGöcke, Matthias

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