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DateTitle Authors
2005 Structural reforms and the exchange rate regime: a panel analysis for the world versus OECD countriesBelke, Ansgar / Herz, Bernhard / Vogel, Lukas
2012 Central banks' voting records, and future policyHorváth, Roman / éSmídková, Kateérina / Zápal, Jan
2005 Minimum wage or negative income tax: why skilled workers may favor wage rigiditiesBacache-Beauvallet, Maya / Lehmann, Etienne
2007 Telling the truth may not pay off: an empirical study of centralised university admissions in GermanyBraun, Sebastian / Dwenger, Nadja / Kübler, Dorothea
2009 Enfranchisement and budget deficits: A theoretical noteKrogstrup, Signe / Wälti, Sébastien
2002 Contribution to productivity or pork barrel? The two faces of infrastructure investmentCadot, Olivier / Röller, Lars-Hendrik / Stephan, Andreas
2004 EMU-enlargement and the reshaping of decision-making within the ECB Governing Council: a voting-power analysisFahrholz, Christian / Mohl, Philipp
2004 Partisan preferences and political institutions: explaining fiscal retrenchment in the European UnionPamp, Oliver
2004 Economic, political, institutional as well as social risks and opportunities of EMU enlargementBerlin Group
2010 Is regulation by milestones efficiency enhancing? An experimental study of environmental protectionFreytag, Andreas / Güth, Werner / Koppel, Hannes / Wangler, Leo

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