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DateTitle Authors
2000 Die Psychologie irrationaler Wirtschaftspolitik am Beispiel des ReformstausHeinemann, Friedrich
2011 Political pressure on the National Bank of SlovakiaKukuk, Peter / Geršl, Adam
2013 Policy deviations, uncertainty, and the European court of justiceHefeker, Carsten / Neugart, Michael
2008 Existence and computation of pure-strategy equilibria in models of legislative bargaining with reconsiderationDiermeier, Daniel / Fong, Pohan
2004 Contribution to Productivity or Pork Barrel? The Two Faces of Infrastructure InvestmentCadot, Olivier / Röller, Lars-Hendrik / Stephan, Andreas
2012 Beyond the veil of ignorance: The influence of direct democracy on the shadow economySchneider, Friedrich / Teobaldelli, Désirée
1996 Trade Protection in India: Economics vs. Politics?Gang, Ira N. / Pandey, Mihir
2005 Has the stability and growth pact impeded political budget cycles in the European Union?Mink, Mark / de Haan, Jakob
2006 The Causes of Fiscal Transparency: Evidence from the American StatesAlt, James E. / Dreyer Lassen, David / Rose, Shanna
2012 Public funding of political parties when campaigns are informativeOrtuño Ortín, Ignacio / Schultz, Christian

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