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2012 Do More Powerful Interest Groups have a Disproportionate Influence on Policy?Sharif, Zara / Swank, Otto H.
1994 Revenue Motives and Trade Liberalization in an Endogenous Tariff ModelGang, Ira N.
2009 Multiplicity of mixed equilibria in mechanisms: A unified approach to exact and approximate implementationSerrano, Roberto / Vohra, Rajiv
2012 What to put on and what to keep off the Table? A Politician's Choice of which Issues to addressSayag, Rei S. / Swank, Otto H.
2006 Who carries the Burden of Reproductive Health and AIDS Programs? - Evidence from OECD Donor Countriesvan Dalen, Hendrik P.
2010 Make further vocational training pay: Possibilities and limits of promoting transitions by Public Employment Services (PES)Konle-Seidl, Regina
2010 Der Selektionsprozess in Maßnahmen der aktiven Arbeitsmarktpolitik: Eine explorative Untersuchung für die deutsche ArbeitsvermittlungYankova, Katerina
2010 Direct democracy, political delegation, and responsibility substitutionPrato, Carlo / Strulovici, Bruno
2010 Aging and immigration policy in a representative democracyCalahorrano, Lena
2008 Coalition governments and policy reform with asymmetric informationHelm, Carsten / Neugart, Michael

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