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DateTitle Authors
2008 The impact of ballot access restrictions on electoral competition: Evidence from a natural experimentDrometer, Marcus / Rincke, Johannes
2000 Representative versus Direct Democracy: The Role of Informational AsymmetriesKessler, Anke
2002 Deliberation, Information Aggregation and Collective Decision MakingSwank, Otto H. / Wrasai, Phongthorn
2007 Labor market regulation and the legal systemHefeker, Carsten / Neugart, Michael
2008 The design of political institutions: electoral competition and the choice of ballot access restrictions in the United StatesDrometer, Marcus / Rincke, Johannes
2011 Smooth multibidding mechanismsPérez-Castrillo, David / Quérou, Nicolas
2010 Productive Development Policies in Costa Rica: Market Failures, Government Failures, and Policy OutcomesMonge-Gonzalez, Ricardo / Rivera, Luis / Rosales-Tijerino, Julio
2004 Politicians' motivation, political culture, and electoral competitionBeniers, Klaas J. / Dur, Robert
2002 How special interests shape policy: A surveyPolk, Andreas
2013 Decentralization, Vertical Fiscal Imbalance, and Political SelectionBordignon, Massimo / Gamalerio, Matteo / Turati, Gilberto

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