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DateTitle Authors
2013 Improving development effectiveness through R&D: Dynamic learning and evaluationFiala, Nathan / Mangan, Cormac
2014 Bargaining and collusion in a regulatory relationshipFiocco, Raffaele / Gilli, Mario
2004 Illegal, immoral, fattening or what?: How deterrence and responsive regulation shape tax moraleFeld, Lars P. / Frey, Bruno S.
2010 Migrant networks as substitute for institutions: Evidence from Swiss tradeVézina, Pierre-Louis
2010 The Empire Is Dead, Long Live the Empire! Values and Human Interactions 90 Years after the Fall of the Habsburg EmpireWoessmann, Ludger / Becker, Sascha O. / Boeckh, Katrin / Hainz, Christa
2010 Bringing the Four-Eyes-Principle to the LabSchikora, Jan
2012 You Owe MeMalmendier, Ulrike / Schmidt, Klaus M.
2009 The Transaction Costs Perspective on Costs And Benefits of Government Regulationden Butter, Frank A.G. / de Graaf, Marc / Nijsen, André
2012 You owe meMalmendier, Ulrike / Schmidt, Klaus M.
2007 Local government control and efficiency of the water industry: An empirical analysis of water suppliers in East GermanyHaug, Peter

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