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2009 Judical independence and the validity of converted electionsFranck, Raphaël
2013 A crook is a crook ... but is he still a crook abroad? On the effect of immigration on destination-country corruptionDimant, Eugen / Krieger, Tim / Redlin, Margarete
2014 The impact of corruption on apprehension level of immigrants: A study of the United States immigrationBuzurukov, Bilol / Lee, Byeong Wan
2013 Öffentlich-rechtlicher Rundfunk in der KriseBeck, Hanno / Beyer, Andrea
2010 Enforcement and Public Corruption: Evidence from US StatesAlt, James E. / Dreyer Lassen, David
2013 Electoral cycles in savings bank lendingStowasser, Till / Englmaier, Florian
2013 Improving development effectiveness through R&D: Dynamic learning and evaluationFiala, Nathan / Mangan, Cormac
2014 Emigration, Remittances and Corruption Experience of Those Staying BehindIvlevs, Artjoms / King, Roswitha M.
2014 The Value of the Revolving Door: Political Appointees and the Stock MarketMoser, Christoph / Lüchinger, Simon
2014 Bargaining and collusion in a regulatory relationshipFiocco, Raffaele / Gilli, Mario

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