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DateTitle Authors
2011 Political economy: Success or failure?Frey, Bruno S.
2009 It takes two to Tango: Lobbies and the political business cycleHorgos, Daniel / Zimmermann, Klaus W.
2003 Voting on Redistribution with Tax EvasionBorck, Rainald
2003 Tax Competition and the Choice of Tax Structure in a Majority Voting ModelBorck, Rainald
2003 On the choice of public pensions when income and life expectancy are correlatedBorck, Rainald
2013 A Simultaneous Analysis of Turnout and Voting under Proportional Representation: Theory and ExperimentsKamm, Aaron / Schram, Arthur
2015 The Role of Lawyer-Legislators in Shaping the Law: Evidence from Voting Behavior on Tort ReformsMatter, Ulrich / Stutzer, Alois
2006 The Russian-Ukrainian Political DivideConstant, Amelie F. / Kahanec, Martin / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2007 Social Expenditures as a Political Cue Ball? OECD Countries under ExaminationPotrafke, Niklas
2007 Social Security in Germany: A Prey of Political Opportunism?Potrafke, Niklas

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