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2011 Divisive Politics and AccountabilityKiss, Áron
2003 Electoral competition in a multidimensional political arena - parallel moves instead of convergence in policy platformsBischoff, Ivo
2000 The Comitology Game: European Policymaking with Parliamentary InvolvementSteunenberg, Bernard / Schmidtchen, Dieter
2011 Axiomatic districtingPuppe, Clemens / Tasnádi, Attila
2011 Der deutsche Sachverständigenrat und sein Einfluss auf die Wirtschafts-, Finanz- und WährungspolitikTietmeyer, Hans
2008 Democratic participation and the size of regions: an empirical study using data on German countiesSeitz, Helmut
2008 The struggle for Palestinian hearts and minds: violence and public opinion in the second intifadaJaeger, David A. / Klor, Esteban F. / Miaari, Sami H. / Paserman, Marco Daniele
2008 Elite capture, political voice and exclusion from aid: an experimental studyD'Exelle, Ben / Riedl, Arno
2008 Motivating politicians: the impacts of monetary incentives on quality and performanceFerraz, Claudio / Finan, Frederico
2008 Electoral participation as a measure of social inclusion for natives, immigrants and descendants in SwedenBevelander, Pieter / Pendakur, Ravi

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