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2014 Psychologically-Based Voting with UncertaintyDegan, Arianna / Li, Ming
2014 The Political Economy of Sales Taxes and Sales Tax ExemptionsMilitaru, Andreea / Stratmann, Thomas
2013 The Size and Scope of Government in the US States: Does Party Ideology Matter?Bjørnskov, Christian / Potrafke, Niklas
2014 Socio-Economic Heterogeneity and Electoral Turnout: An Aggregate Analysis with Precinct-Level DataBellettini, Giorgio / Ceroni, Carlotta Berti / Monfardini, Chiara
2006 Seeking Rents in the Shadow of CoaseDari-Mattiacci, Guiseppe / Onderstal, Sander / Parisi, Francesco
2004 Polarization, Information Collection and Electoral ControlMartinez, Silvia Dominguez / Swank, Otto H.
2002 Delegation or VotingSwank, Otto H. / Visser, Bauke
2004 Does Electoral Competition create Incentives for Political Parties to collect Information about the Pros and Cons of Alternative Policies?Martinez, Silvia Dominguez / Swank, Otto H.
2013 What Moves Political Ideology? An Economic Analysis of Electoral Volatility in France Since 1889Facchini, François / Melki, Mickaël
2013 Minority Positions in the German Council of Economic Experts: A Political Economic AnalysisPotrafke, Niklas

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