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2013 Policy deviations, uncertainty, and the European court of justiceHefeker, Carsten / Neugart, Michael
2009 Group specific public goods, orchestration of interest groups and free ridingEpstein, Gil S. / Mealem, Yosef
2012 EU enlargement and satisfaction with democracy: A peculiar case of immizerising growthDluhosch, Barbara / Horgos, Daniel / Zimmermann, Klaus W.
2013 Does female suffrage increase public support for government spending? Evidence from Swiss ballotsJaronicki, Katharina
2013 How do Female Preferences Influence Political Decisions by Female and Male Representatives?Stadelmann, David / Portmann, Marco / Eichenberger, Reiner
2010 Strategic debt management within a Revised Stability and Growth PactSieg, Gernot / Stegemann, Ulrike
2008 Existence and computation of pure-strategy equilibria in models of legislative bargaining with reconsiderationDiermeier, Daniel / Fong, Pohan
2004 Contribution to Productivity or Pork Barrel? The Two Faces of Infrastructure InvestmentCadot, Olivier / Röller, Lars-Hendrik / Stephan, Andreas
2013 Majority Vote on Educational StandardsSchwager, Robert
2008 Enforcing peace agreements through commitment technologiesMurshed, S. Mansoob / Verwimp, Philip

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