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2001 Determinants of the influence of voters and interest groups on the political decision making processBischoff, Ivo
2011 Three stories about the chance of casting a pivotal voteUsher, Dan
2012 An agenda-setting model of electoral competitionColomer, Josep M. / Llavador, Humberto
2011 A duty to voteUsher, Dan
2001 An Economic Analysis of Voting in SwedenJordahl, Henrik
2000 Why Politicians Favor Redheads - A Theory of Tactical Horizontal Redistribution.Blomquist, Sören / Christiansen, Vidar
2000 Endogenous majority rules with changing preferencesPolborn, Mattias K.
2013 What Moves Political Ideology? An Economic Analysis of Electoral Volatility in France Since 1889Facchini, François / Melki, Mickaël
2014 Socio-Economic Heterogeneity and Electoral Turnout: An Aggregate Analysis with Precinct-Level DataBellettini, Giorgio / Ceroni, Carlotta Berti / Monfardini, Chiara
2011 Distributive politics and electoral incentives: Evidence from seven US state legislaturesAidt, Toke / Shvets, Julia

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