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2004 Fiscal federalism and economic performance: evidence from Swiss cantonsFeld, Lars P. / Kirchgässner, Gebhard / Schaltegger, Christoph A.
2003 Handels- und Finanzarchitektur im Umbruch: Globale Integration und die institutionelle Arbeitsteilung von IWF, Weltbank und WTOHefeker, Carsten
2012 Auctioning risk: The all-pay auction under mean-variance preferencesKlose, Bettina / Schweinzer, Paul
2009 The scapegoat of heterogeneity: How fragmentation influences political decisionmakingAhlfeld, Corinna
2013 The dark side of the vote: Biased voters, social information, and information aggregation through majority votingMorton, Rebecca B. / Piovesan, Marco / Tyran, Jean-Robert
2008 The case for international emission trade in the absence of cooperative climate policyCarbone, Jared C. / Helm, Carsten / Rutherford, Thomas F.
2009 Stone Age EquilibriumHouba, Harold / Weikard, Hans-Peter
2008 Voting for mobile citizensWrede, Matthias
2014 Direct democracy and local government efficiencyAsatryan, Zareh / De Witte, Kristof
2004 Information dynamics and equilibrium multiplicity in global games of regime changeAngeletos, George-Marios / Hellwig, Christian / Pavan, Alessandro

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